Friday, December 11, 2015

100 Bollywood Soundtracks Every Music Lover Ought to Hear

I interrupt the desolation of this blog to bring you exciting news: my favorite blog, Music From The Third Floor has published a book! 100 Bollywood Soundtracks Every Music Lover Ought to Hear. This is not an ordinary, run of the mill, "usual suspects" listing of must-hear soundtracks. This is an eclectic collection of albums with a broad scope that serves as a definitive guidebook into the vastness that is Bollywood. For those just beginning to collect soundtracks from India, I highly recommend this book. I am sure even veteran collectors will be surprised by this decade by decade journey into Bollywood; they will surely be surprised by some of the inspirations for some of their favorite songs. From Bollywood Funk to Disco to the classics, there is something for everyone. Buy it here.  Check out more goodness on MFT3F's Twitter and Facebook feeds. Check out the trailer below.

If I have one lament over this book, it is that such a gorgeous publication should be available in gigantic coffee table, vinyl-sized, hardback goodness! I first stumbled upon PC Hille's love of Bollywood vinyl on a previous blog where he had an entry about the soundtrack Teesri Manzil which translates to "third floor". This was obviously the inspiration for the title of his subsequent blog, Music From The Third Floor, which I have followed since it's inception in 2006. Being of Indian descent and having always focused on the lyrics, I have enjoyed reading a fresh perspective on the music I grew up with. PC's observations have led me to appreciate the music with "new ears".  His book is complete with vinyl catalog numbers, music directors, artists, and track listings.  I know I will soon be making a massive playlist based on this book.