Friday, February 6, 2009

Har Ek Jeevan

As requested by Z. This song tells a story, probably the title song of the movie. It infers that a young woman had fallen into the wrong crowd, gotten pregnant, but was rescued by someone who became her husband. We get the impression that her husband probably did not know about her past and that he is not her child's father. She's trying to figure out how to tell him without wrecking her new happy home. Unfortunately the song ends abruptly and I guess we have to watch the movie to know what happened.

Film: Bezubaan
Singers: Lata Mangeshkar
Lyrics: Ravinder Rawal
MD: Raam Laxman

Har Ek Jeevan Hai Ek Kahani
every life is a story
Par Yeh Sachai, Sab Ne Na Jaani
but not everyone knows the truth
Har Ek Jeevan Hai Ek Kahani
Par Yeh Sachai, Sab Ne Na Jaani
Jo Paana Hai, Woh Khona Hai
what one gains, one loses
Eis Pal Hasna, Kal Rona Hai
this moment, laughter; tomorrow, tears
Har Ek Jeevan Hai Ek Kahani
Par Yeh Sachai, Sab Ne Na Jaani

Ek Nirdhan Ki Ek Bithiya Thi
there was a daughter of a poor woman
Un Ki Chhoti Se Duniya Thi
they had their own small world
Din Beeth Chale, Beetha Bachpan
days passed, childhood passed
Us Gudiya Pe Aaya Yovan
that doll (little girl) became a young woman
Yovan Ki Masti Ne Us Ko Raha Bhula Di
the intoxication of youth made her forget her path
Pagh Fisal Gaya, Woh Cheekh Padi
her foot slipped, she screamed
Unchai Si Khai Mein Padi
she fell from a height into a ditch
Murcha Gayee Woh Phoolon Ki Rani
that princess of flowers withered
Par Yeh Sachai, Sab Ne Na Jaani

Ek Shehazaada Aa Pahuncha Wahan
a prince arrived there
Tab Ja Ke Bachi Ladki Ki Jaan
only then was the young girl's life saved
Usse Bahon Mein Le Pyar Diya
he took her into his arms and gave her love
Shringar Diya, Ghar Dwaar Diya
he adorned her and gave her a home
Sapnon Ki Bagiya Mein Pyara Phool Khila Tha
in a garden of dreams a sweet flower bloomed (a child was born)
Phir Pal Bhar Mein Badli Chhayi,
then, in an instant, dark clouds arrived
Barkha, Bijuri, Aandhi Layee
and brought with them lightning and hurricane winds
Pal Pal Duayen Mangi Deewani
every moment she (the mad/crazy one) prayed
Par Yeh Sachai, Sab Ne Na Jaani

Jag Ke Malik, Meri Hai Khatah
lord of the world (God), it is my fault
Mere Apne Kyun Paaye Sazaa?
why do mine own suffer the consequences?

Mere Ram Se Main Kahun Kaise Bataa
how will I tell my Ram
(Hindu God Ram, but she is referring to her husband, calling him her God, or Ram)

Jhutha Hoon Ped Main Shabri Ka
I'm a contaminated jujube (berry) tree?
Mujh Ko Tu Ab Koi Aaisi Raha Dikha De
show me such a way out
Meri Mamta Pe Ilzaam Na Ho
so that my motherhood is not blamed
Sindoor Mera Bad-naam Na Ho
so that my vermillion (sindoor - symbol of wedded bliss) is not made to be disreputable
Samjhe Koi Meri Be-zubaani...
so that someone understands my silence
(be-zubaan literally means without a tongue)

Jhutha means to be contaminated: something that has been already tasted or touched by another person. The lyricist has probably written about the Shabri Tree alluding to it's place in Hinduism, simply illustrated in this children's comic:

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