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Na Tau Butkade Ki Talab Mujhe

I've been meaning to post a playlist of my favorite (traditional) Sufi Qawwalis but I fear that project is even more difficult than my extensive Filmi Qawwali playlist.  Na Tau Butkade Ki Talab Mujhe is one of many favorites by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the music is credited to his father, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan.  I was finally able to hear the original on youtube though the audio quality is poor: part 1, part 2, part 3.

I hear a mention of Zahid in the verses so I'm assuming that part of the lyrics are by a poet of that name. I've heard that name in other Kalams as well but am unfamiliar with the person. I think I may have heard that name in a few Pankaj Udhas Ghazals but it's been a while so I'm not sure. Perhaps he is a contemporary poet like S M Sadiq... If anyone knows, please share.

The Wadali Brothers' Ve Sone Deya Kangana Sauda Ikko Jeha, a qawwali rich with bits of many different Sufi Kalams includes the Punjabi verses from this qawwali so I'm wondering who the original writer of that bit is. I'm guessing it may be Baba Bulleh Shah...

Filmi Qawwalis Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq and Na Tau Caravan Ki Talash Hai from the soundtrack to Barsat Ki Rat were inspired by this qawwali, I remember reading that they were adapted with Ustad Fateh Ali Khan's permission. I've also read that Nigaah-e-Naaz Ke Maaron Ka Haal Kya Hoga from the same film was also inspired by Ustad Fateh Ali Khan (by his qawwali, Saher Qareeb Hai Taaron Ka Haal Kya Hoga).

Last but not least, I finally figured out why I love Na Kisi Ka Dil Mujhe Chahiye from Naqab so much. I  believe it may have been heavily inspired by this qawwali as well. 

The word but (rhymes with put) means idol, it can also be taken to mean one's beloved as people are prone to idolize the ones they love. Butkada therefore can be an idol's home (temple) but it can also mean the beloved's home. 

Raaz-daaron Se Bach Ke Chalta Hoon
I avoid my friends (keepers of mutual secrets)
Gham-ghusaaron Se Bach Ke Chalta Hoon
I avoid those who would comfort me 
Mujh Ko Dhoka Diya Sahaaron Ne,
I have been deceived by companions (those who would support me)
Ab Sahaaron Se Bach Ke Chalta Hoon
I now avoid companions

Shab-e-Gham Ki Saher Nahin Hoti
There is no dawn for an evening of sorrow
Ho Bhi, Tau Mere Ghar Nahin Hoti
Even if there is, it does not appear in my home
Zindagi Tu Hi Mukhtasar Ho Ja
Life, you should come to an end
Shab-e-Gham Mukhtasar Nahin Hoti
(since) this evening of sorrow does not have an end

Main Ne Masoom Bahaaron Mein Tumhein Dekha Hai
I have seen you in the innocent (blooms of) spring
Main Ne Poornoor Sitaaron Mein Tumhein Dekha Hai
I have seen you in the beautiful stars
Mere Mehboob Teri Pardanasheenin Ki Kasam,
My love, I swear by your veil
Main Ne Ashqon Ki Qataaron Mein Tumhein Dekha Hai
I have seen you in teardrops

But Bhi Eis Mein Rehte Thay
Idols used to live in it
Dil Yaar Ka Bhi Kashana Tha
My beloved's heart was also an abode
Ek Taraf Kaabe Ke Jalwe
In one direction were the wonders of Kaaba
Ek Taraf Butkhana Tha
In the other direction was my beloved's home

Na Tau Butkade Ki Talab Mujhe
I do not seek my beloved's home
Na Haram Ke Dar Ki Talash Hai
Nor do I search for the door of Kaaba
Jahan Loot Gaya Hai Sukhoon-e-Dil
Ussi Rahaguzar Ki Talash Hai
I search for that path where the peace of my heart was stolen

Tu Haram Mein Jis Ko Hai Dhoondtha
Mujhe Woh Butkada Mein Woh Mil Gaya
I found that which you seek in the Mosque in my beloved's home
Tujhe Kya Malaal Hai Zahida?
Why are you vexed Zahid?
Yeh Nazar Nazar Ki Talash Hai
This search is different eye to eye

Mujhe Sab Qubool Falak Magar
I accept my fate however
Gham-e-Dost Mujh Se Talab Na Kar
Do not seek out my friend in sorrow (beloved) in me
Isse Kaise Dil Se Judah Karoon?
How will I separate him/her from my heart?
Mere Umar Bhar Ki Talash Hai
It was my lifelong search.

Aye Qhabib Chod Yun Hi Mujhe
O friend leave me like this
Main Mareez-e-Ishq Hoon La-Dawa
I am  incurably afflicted with love
Main Mareez-e-Ishq, Ishq Ishq...
Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq, Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq
this is love/passion

Ishq Ki Chhot Ka Kuch Dil Pe Asar Ho Tau Sahi
The wound of love should have some effect on the heart
Dard Kam Ho Ya Ziada Ho Magar Ho Tau Sahi
Whether pain is lessened or increased, it (pain) should exist
Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq, Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq

Majnu Nazar Aati Hai, Laila Nazar Aata Hai
I see Majnu (feminine), I see Laila (masculine)
Vaishat Mein Har Ek Naqsha Ulta Nazar Aata Hai Dekho
In my madness I see every map upside down/reversed
Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq, Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq

Wadi-e-Najad Se Pher Kar Jo Hawa Aati Hai
Qais Ke Rone Ki Ab Tak Yeh Sadaa Aati Hai Dekho
Even now the beckoning cry of Qais (Majnu) is borne on the wind that blows through the valley of  Najad
Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq, Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq

Kaabe Bhi Gaye Hum, Na Gaya Par Buton Ka Ishq
I have visited Kaaba however I did not lose my love for my beloved
Eis Rog Ki Khuda Ka Bhi Ghar Mein Dawa Nahin
There is no cure for this illness even in the house of God.
Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq, Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq

Kafir-e-Ishq Huye, Hamd-o-Sana Bhool Gaye
I've become an infidel (because) of love, I've forgotten the praise of God
Naam-e-But Yaad Raha Naam-e-Khudah Bhool Gaye Dekho
 I remember my beloved's name,  I've forgotten God's name
Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq, Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq

Naaz-o-Andaz Se Kehte Hai Ke Jeena Hoga
With pride and style, she says that I must live
Zehar Dete Hai Tau Kehte Hai Ke Peena Hoga
She gives me poison and says I must drink it
Jab Main Peeta Hoon Tau Kehte Hai Ke Marta Bhi Nahin
When I drink, she complains that I don't die
Jab Main Marta Hoon Tau Kehte Hai Ke Jeena Hoga Dekho
When I die, she says I must live
Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq, Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq

Ishq De Mahak Mein Gaya Main Ek Din
I visited Love one day.
Aageyo Ishq Ne Meri Badhiyai Thaglai
Love robbed me of my greatness
Main Gaya Si Ishq Tho Daadh Laine
I had gone to appeal to Love
Aageyo Ishq Ne Meri Dhanai Thaglai
But Love robbed me of wisdom
Eis Ishq Ne Bade Bade Thaglai, Karu Baadshah Di Baadshahi Thaglai
Love has robbed many a great person, robbed kings of their kingdoms
Thain Ki Thageya Aashiq Zaara? Eis Ishq Ne Khuda Di Khudai Thaglai
What have you robbed, lover? Love has robbed God's divinity
Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq, Yeh Hai Ishq Ishq

Aye Qhabib Chod Yun Hi Mujhe
Main Mareez-e-Ishq Hoon La-Dawa
Mujhe Jis Ne Dard-e-Adaa Kiya Us Chaarahgar Ki Talash Hai
 I search for the healer that presented me with this pain

Na Tau Butkade Ki Talab Mujhe
Na Haram Ke Dar Ki Talash Hai


Fani Raj Mani Chandan said...

Was looking for the lyrics and landed at your blog, many thanks for this collection. Loved the original songs

Fani Raj

deewani said...

You are most welcome :)

nor said...

I can't thank you enough! :)

deewani said...

I'm glad you found it nor. :)

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot for the lyrics. totally appreciate the effort

deewani said...

You're very welcome Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot... Mesmerized by this song I was looking for some of d wrds i couldn't understand... The blog ws a great help... :)

deewani said...

I am glad so many are finding this post useful. :)

shaunak said...

Thanks a lot for the lyrics. I just think that there is one mistake in the lyrics.
Na Tau Butkade Ki Talab Mujhe
I do not seek my beloved's home
Na Haram Ke Dar Ki Talash Hai
Nor do I search for the door of Kaaba

Butkade here should mean house of idols, as it all depends on the context. Though I can be wrong.

Keep up the good work!!

anwaar chishti said...

Dear Translator,

Your effort is appreciable. I just want to add that the explanation which you put about poet`s name is contestable. Zahid in tassauf is referred to a person who always advices and is mentioned ironically at par with Mulla so it is in my view not the name of poet but in the context which I mentioned above.

Anwaar Chishti

mmghosh said...

You can download this qawwali from iTunes with excellent quality.

sunny attri said...

ye sb apne translate liya ?

Anonymous said...

"Zahid" is an Arabic word meaning a devotee or a religious "hermit" of sorts. It is a common name given to male children. A female name would be "Zahida"

Mushtaq Farooqi said...

This ghazal is written by ameer sabri. and i have his one book faizan e sabir , mostly naats and qaseedas.
thank you