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Deepest India samples

So initially my plan was to post a long awaited reply to a post at the Future Producers forum
However, the forum won't let me post a reply for some reason. So I'm using my blog to get the info out in hopes that the person who was searching for the answer will find it via Google, etc".

There is a UK company called Zero-G that sells samples. One CD set in particular called Deepest India contained so many answers to questions I and others had. This cd contained recordings made in 1996-1997 in India.CD 1: Vocals most were very short excerpts of longer songs. And most of the titles of the samples do not make too much sense to folks who know the language, so I also wrote out the lyrics and translated.

Jay aka Junglejoint had asked :
Anyone have a clue which sample Missy uses in Get ur freak on? Some sites mention Panjabi MC's 'Mahi' as the original but I believe the're way off with that one.
Since I heard Sean Paul using a sample from the same song on his album track 'Shout (street Respect)'  I am going nuts not being able to find the original...!
So I'm going to list the samples below, all taken from Deepest India!

Xena: Warrior Princess' episode 'The Way' - opening scene of episode (watch here)
For many many years, I yearned to find the singer and the full song used in the opening of an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess: "Maut Mujh Ko Gawara Hai Lekin, Kya Karun? Dam Nikalta Nahin Hai, Dal Do Apne Aanchal ...".  That's it, those precious lyrics, that's all I had. How I wished to know what words came next and who was the singer? A few years after that I kept hearing "Maut Mujh Ko" and instantly recognized it in Missy Elliott's Get Ur Freak On  produced by Timbaland  (watch here)

Both of these used the following sample:
Deepest India disc 1 track 8 - Larka (Urdu Sher) - vocals: Master Dilbahar
Maut Mujh Ko Gawara Hai, Lekin, Kya Karun? Dam Nikalta Nahin Hai
Death is acceptable (even pleasing) to me, but what can I do? I do not die.
Dal Do Apne Aanchal Ka Tukra, Meri Maiyat Pe Chaddhar Nahin,
cover me with a bit of your veil, my corpse is not covered with a sheet
Khudah Khush Rakhe Dil Mein Dard Ban Kar Aane Waale Ko
may the Almighty keep the one who has become a pain in my heart happy
Zamaane Bhar Ki Raahat De Mujhe Tarfaane Waale Ko
may he give the one who has tortured me a world of peace
Kabhi Kabhie Mujh Ko Un Par Kuch Aitbaar Bhi Tha
from time to time I even had a little faith in him/her
Mujhe Qaraar Bhi Tha Aur Main Be-Qaraar Bhi Tha
I was at rest  and (yet) I was restless
Ae Hazarein -e-Janaza Zara Gawaah Rehna 
those who have gathered at my funeral,  bear witness
Ke Main Lehad Mein Bhi Tha, Aur Un Ka Intezaar Bhi Tha
that I was buried and I was waiting for him/her

Sean Paul's Shout (Street Respect) (listen here)
Deepest India disc 1 track 27 - Larka (Urdu Sher) - vocals: Master Dilbahar
Ishq Ko Log Maar Dete Hai, Aqal Ko Rog Maar Dete Hai
People defeat (kill) Love,  Affliction defeats (kills) sense (the mind) 
Aadmi Khud Pa Khud Nahin Marta, Doosre Log Maar Dete Hai
Man does not die on his own, others people kill him.
Chand Kaliyon Ke Muskurane Se, Zakhm Jaage Kei Puraane Se
the smiling/blooming of a few flowers have awoken several old wounds
Do Kadam Main Tau Chal Nahin Sagta, Tu Hi Mil Ja Kisi Bahane Se
I can not even walk two steps, you will have to come and meet me under some pretense

Shamur's Let The Music Play (listen here)
Na Kar Maan Rupaiye Waala Ban Ban Ke Na Raje / Nadiyo Paar Sajan Da Thana Keete Kaul Zaroori Jaana / Khare Siyane Raah Disende / Dil La Leya Beparwaah De  - I very much wanted to know who sang those lyrics. This song uses 2 different samples from the CD.
Deepest India disc 1 track 24 - Beparwa (Punjabi Traditional) - vocals: Sohan Lal
Dil La Leya Beparwaah De Naal
I've fallen in love with one who is indifferent
Dil La Leya  Beparwaah  De Naal
Us Deen Duni De Shah De Naal
with the lord of all things
Dil La Leya  Beparwaah   De Naal
O Nadiyo Paar Sajan Da Thana
my beloved's home is on the other side of the stream
Nadiyo Paar Sajan Da Thana
Keete Kaul Zaroori Jaana
I've given my word so I must go
Main Mainta Karan Mallah De Naal
I will plead with the boatman
O Mullah Qazi Mati Dende
Judges and Clerics give advice
Khare Siyane Raah Disende
the righteous (old) wise ones show the way

Deepest India disc 1 track 3 - Sufani (Qawwali) - vocals: Bibi Swaran Nooran  Master Dilbahar  Sohan Lal
Diva Bal Ke Mita Le Hanera Ni
Light a candle and extinguish the darkness
Diva Bal Ke Mita Le Hanera Ni
Kulli Vichon Ni Yaar Lab Le
find your beloved in his dwelling
Kulli  Vichon Ni Yaar Lab Le
O Na Kar Maan Rupaiye Waala Ban Ban Ke Na Bage
don't be proud of your wealth, you'll never tire of accumulating it
Vei Na Kar Maan Rupaiye Waala Ban Ban Ke Na Bage
Khara Khota Tu Parakheya Jaave Pave Sharif De Aage
you keep inspecting to see what is real and what is fake
Vei Khara Khota Tu Parakheya Jaave Pave Saraf De Aage
O Bolo Poora Tolo Poora Sat Sirre Tere Lage
practice what you preach, weigh the truth, beware that it does not come back to haunt you
O Bolo Poora Tolo Poora Sat Sirre Tere Lage
Bulleh Shah Tu Kaudi Ho Ja Vatta Mul Na Lage
Bulleh Shah become worthless so that you cannot be appraised
Kulli  Vichon Ni Yaar Lab Le
Kulli  Vichon Ni Yaar Lab Le

M.I.A.'s Come Around produced by Timbaland and T.S. Soundz's  Qwaali from the album Typhoon Asha and Anastacia's Sick and Tired Remix also use the Sufani (Qawwali) sample

Firefly, episode: Heart of Gold -  Greg Edmonson's Heart of Gold Montage ((watch here)
Deepest India disc 1 track 11 - Maanlo (Semi-Classical) - vocals: Seema
I was a huge fan of Firefly, a short lived Sci Fi series later made into a motion picture, Serenity.  One episode called Heart of Gold was never aired on Fox, but was released on DVD. At the beginning of the episode "Heart of Gold" I heard the Punjabi folk marriage song "Madhanaiyan" playing, only it was not Surinder Kaur or Mussarat Nazir's version. After a year or so an OST was released for the series with the track Heart of Gold montage but that provided no clue (credits) so I wanted to know what Greg Edmonson (the composer for the series) had used, It turns out it's also from Deepest India. This sample is a mashup of 2 songs actually a semi-classical song Man Le Piyarva mashed up with Madhanaiyan
Man Le Piyarva, Man Le Piyarva, Jaoun Toh Pe Vaari Vaari Vaari Vaari
Ab Mori Baat, Ab Mori Baat, Ab Mori Baat, Ab Mori Baat, Ab...
heed my word, my love, and I'll  be your slave
Madhaniyan, Madhaniyan, Haye Ve Mere Dadeya Rabba
milkchurn, milkchun, O My Great God
Kinna Jammiyan Kinna Ne Le Jaaniyan Haye
who gave birth and who is taking possession

Who knew one CD set would have all the answers? I guess it is/was a producer's/composer's best friend! I would not be surprised if Karunesh was inspired by the Deepest India samples as well. Although samples were not used directly, songs on Deepest India like Madhaniyan and Aao Huzoor Tum Ko were used. T.S. Soundz also used Track 28 Joom (Hindi Popular) for their track Journey To The Stars among others..

Most of these samples trace back to one musical family Bibi Swaran Noora, her late husband Sohan Lal, and her son Master Dilbahar. So now to those who want to dig deeper, I highly recommend Beat of India's Punjabi series of CDs available on eMusic and probably iTunes too, CD 2 of the Beat of India, Punjabi set features Master Dilbahar . There is also 3 CD set called Gudti Punjab Di that I have yet to obtain. Now I must find out who this Seema is!


Ayesha said...

Hey! I sat down today to hear one of my Favourite tracks 'Sufani' from the bollywood movie 'ROG'... Always wanted to know what it meant, almost almost and hour of search for its means, google led me to your blog, and I am very forgetful to you for sharing this... Also I hav been in awe of the singer and lyrics of the track 'Solitude' form Global Spirit- By Karunesh.. and the other one 'Punjab'... the girl who sings 'Haiy ve mere dadeya rabba kinna jammiyan madhaniyan'... who has sung that?

Ayesha said...

Oops! Grateful, not forgetful :)

deewani said...

Sufani from Rog is from Gaudi's album Blood, Sweat, & Tears and is credited to him on that soundtracks back cover. Gaudi used the sample Sufani from Deepest India for that track. I am glad you found my post useful. :)

As far as Karunesh's Global Spriti goes, it is definitely inspired by Deepest India. But I think he either tweaked the vocal samples or used different singers to recreate those samples, my personal belief is that it may be a combination of those two. I've seen vocals for Punjab credited to Ritika Sahni on the web but I never found info for Solitutde and I'm not sure how credible that information is, it would have been nice to see an official documentation of the vocals that makes his tracks so special. So Ritika Sahni is one person to explore but there is no mention of work for Karunesh on her official site. His track Punjab draws on three samples from Deepest India, disc 1 track 8 - Joom - vocals: Shyama & disc 1 track 11 Maanlo vocals: Seema and disc 1 track 34 Rabba - vocals: Seema. His track Solitude is inspired by the Larka sample.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the full lyrics of Zero-G's deepest India? I first heard samples of it used by Sphongle but I can not find any lyrics...I want to buy Zero-G's album with these vocals but I would also like to know what these beautiful words being sung mean.

Rohit Jain said...

Thanks a lot for coming up with this article. I am really impressed by the way you have presented it. Thanks again and may god bless you !

Anupam Rawat said...

Hi Friends my name is Anupam Rawat and i am in the same quest to find the singer since last 3 years for which you have given a great answer!

I contacted Karunesh on email 2 years back and he replied the track was given by one of his friends and he doesnt knw the singer, i replied to him that it was rediculous and like stealing...

never the less i also found a movie in 2007 which copied the track solitude in it and tweaked it but was nice...

God bless u all and i would love to come here again to listen to good music n to know good choice of music